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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Google Finance Not Quite There (GOOG)

Google Finance is what happens when you get people who don't quite understand finance making financial applications. It's like Time Magazine does the stock quotes. It's interesting, but not what I would use to help me make investment decisions.
Now, I'm a fundamentalist, so it may not be targeted at me. Considering how gee-whiz cool the graphing application is, it's probably aimed at technical traders. And that's fine, I'm sure that's where Google will make a lot of ads selling ETrade, Ameritrade and Schwab ads.
For instance, their cash flow calculations -- something I love to look at -- are whacked. Google Finance has the same numbers for the quarter and the year-end. Clearly, they don't get that they could subtract the 9 month numbers from the 12 month results to get an approximation of the 3 month numbers.
Financial portals are outside Google's bailiwick anyways. It's not like the data is all standardized and you can just build your AJAXY app and toss it out there. There is a lot of tweaking and modifying to get the information right. In other words, it requires human intervention and I'm sure that's something the new millionaires at the 'plex are a bit concerned about.
They should fire whomever is the product manager for Google Finance. It underwhelms.

**Update: GigaOM gets it.***

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Knight-Ridder: Out with a Whimper

So, the strategic buyer eventually showed up for Knight-Ridder. McClatchy papers buys Knight -Ridder at a valuation that underwhelms the market. Why are people surprised about this?

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