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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Linux/Unix Vulnerabilities outnumber MSFT 3:1 (MSFT) and CRM

Interesting post discussing statistics that debunk the commonly argued theme that Linux/Unix is a less vulnerable platform than Microsoft. It references this government 'study' which is more of a summary of vulnerabilities in the various platforms. The article doesn't really discuss the fact that most hackers have a strong anti-Microsoft bias and therefore Microsoft's platform is likely still more risky because more people are trying to break it, but it provides data that will help Microsoft's sales people as they try to crack the enterprise. This article shows one of the first births of Microsoft's recent enterprise app efforts -- their recent CRM offering.
I'm not sure this will play out too well considering is being undercut by who is being undercut by Sugar. And I wouldn't be surprised to see even smaller and cheaper CRM solutions for SOHO show up soon as well.


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