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Friday, November 11, 2005

Newspaper decline fully known in market

I found a post that clearly and succinctly illustrates my bearish newspaper theme from the last year. Media Stock Blog has it here. Basically, it illustrates how newspapers will suffer a long, painful decline as they try to ignore the rapid erosion of their core business model and the rise of digital media channels (Newspapers = Vinyl Record Companies). Clearly the former editor of the British-based FT had a run-in with a senior executive who doesn't understand the enormity and inevitability of this trend.
I think some papers get it and will try to make the leap. However, this leap will not be easy and only a subset of those who "get it" will cross the chasm.
My challenge is that this investment thesis is now crossing its own chasm and I need to be onto the next phase of this industry transformation. I think it comes in the form of television devolving from bundled channels to a world where we assemble our own channels show-by-show much like I assemble a MyYahoo! homepage.


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