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Monday, November 14, 2005

Len-ny! Len-ny! Len-ny! (SYMC, MVSN)

I've been reading Lenny Dykstra's articles (posts?) over at in order to entertain myself. I mean, hey, what could a former pro ball player possibly know about stocks? Well, today I'm his fan because he just became a fan of my goose egg, Symantec. He points out that information is, like, really valuable and the world leader in enterprise data security just happens to be Symantec. He doesn't really opine on the impending threat from Microsoft, so I hope he realizes that it's out there and that's sort of the reason why the stock has been going down faster than Bush's polling numbers. You do know that Microsoft has announced that they're giving away anti-virus software for free, right Lenny? It wasn't clear that he realizes that the bet is a bit more complex than just the CFO leaving town recently.
Interestingly, he also pointed Macrovision as a possible investment. This company is a sphinx in the world of tech stocks. It should be really valuable because of its DRM position but it has a little problem. Namely, it can't get any of the studios to use its DRM software! Sure there are some here and there and they've been getting decent volume, but not a lot of action has been seen in the music world. Interestingly, Macrovision has had pretty good success with its software licensing management system (Flexvision?). As I've mentioned earlier, with two completely different end markets, the company may want to consider splitting itself it two. Or at least selling the DRM part to a company that can make better headway in Hollywood.
I'm not sure Macrovision has the wind at its back, but the price is looking awfully tempting here. And you know how I feel about cash flow!


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