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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yahoo (YHOO) is cheap.

But you probably already knew that. If not, let me give you the run-down on why Yahoo! will be a great stock to own for the next decade. Yahoo! is establishing itself as one of the premier global Internet media brands. Wow, does that sound like say-nothing business double-talk! But, in this case, it's simply true. Same can be said of Google, maaaaaybe of eBay (jury is still out on that one).
Yahoo! is and will continue to be a leading provider of all services broadband for the foreseeable future. Only roadblock that I can see at the moment is that they're acquiring a bunch of companies right now and sucking up a bunch of people who were good at making a cool Web 2.0 app but are not likely to be good managers within a publicly-traded multinational Internet media company. The types of skills and characteristics required for each world are completely different (worlds apart?). If any of these Dot-commer 2.0 types are given real responsibility inside Google, uh...I mean Yahoo!, bad stuff will happen. Regardless, Yahoo! will be a great stock to own for the long-term.


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