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Friday, October 28, 2005

Six Apart Issues the latest Web 2.0 Boil...

Mena Trott has been at every major Web 2.0 conference since AJAX stopped being laundry detergent. Maybe she should have spent more time running her company and tending to their impending technical issues. This is what happens when businesses become big time. We saw it in the first bubble and we're going to see a lot more of it in this one. For instance, Six Apart is a nice little privately-held company, right? Then why would they have an Executive Vice President of Corporate Development???
I'm not here to pile onto the current Web 2.0=Bubble 2.0 meme, but clearly, lots of lessons that should've been learned in '01 are being disregarded. Most of it is subtle stuff, too. Like why a 25 yo programmer shouldn't be a CEO of a rapidly growing company. Or why an investment in a "new and revolutionary" browser might be a bad idea.
Personally, I think a lot of the VC wannabe's are back and they're funding anything in an attempt to catch a couple of lucky breaks. This all started with OddPost getting acquired by Yahoo! and making the cover of Business2.0. The confirmationary stamps were Blogger being acquired by Google, Flickr being acquired by Yahoo! and MySpace being acquired by NewsCorp. Basically, all of this sound and fury has been ignited by large public Digital Media conglomerates realizing that they're being outpaced by a bunch of start-ups. The penalty is that they've all paid 9 figure prices to stay in the game.
It should be interesting to see where this goes...


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