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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Apple's Video iPod - good for video blogging?

Apple (AAPL): Announces their new video iPod to less than enthusiastic reception. The viPod will come in two sizes and prices – 30gb for $300 and 60gb for $400. (Yes, I love to round up X99 prices – let’s get real people.) The interesting part of this announcement for me is videos for $1.99 a piece. While I think it’s somewhat interesting, I’m certainly not going to go out and buy any videos for this thing. I’m sure there are people that the music videos will appeal to, I just don’t know any. I think the real play here is video blogging. People will be able to share video snippets and blogs over iTunes (I’m assuming) (vidcasts?), which will drive sales of video recorders and editing software. Sonic Solutions (SNIC) anyone?


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