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Friday, June 17, 2005

Google (GOOG) starting epayment service?

WSJ Online just issued an article stating that Google might start an electronic payments service similar to eBay's PayPal. This could be a catalyst for the stock. Why?
ePayment systems are seen as inevitable as people look for convenient alternatives to credit card accounts in paying for on-line goods. As more products (especially media) move onto the internet, ePayment systems become an alternative to traditional banking and credit accounts. Credit cards don't handle micropayments well and smaller transaction sizes seem logical based upon the migration of discrete Digital Media content.
Interestingly, this news is in the rumor stage. Upon reading the article, however, it seems like it has enough credible buzz to be true. I'm not sure that Google will verify the rumor anytime soon as they've indicated they're not trying to manage to Wall Street's expectations and the rumor seems like they're in the beginning stages of such an effort. However, if more information validates the service it will move stock as people realize that Google has a lot of skunk-works projects and the stock isn't just a one-trick pony.


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