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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Interesting comparison: AAPL v. YHOO

So, Yahoo! is the hot one, right? Maybe, but I would argue that Apple's $300MM net income quarter beats Yahoo!s $187 (adjusted to take out investment gains (can you say Google shares?)) quarterly profit. Two consumer tech titans just report solid numbers. Very interesting stories on a go-forward basis as well:
- AAPL: can iPod madness continue from here? maybe, don't count out the Motorola mobile-phone announcement. will the mac-mini be a hit or cannibalize users? this is the $64MM question. I think Apple's gets it on like Donkey Kong from here - the analysts are underestimating the shuffle and mini-mac just like the iPod. maybe someday I'll do a full analysis about this.
- YHOO: can they become a media channel in an immature medium (broadband)? can they do it without physical assets (cable, phone, etc...)? will their SBC and Verizon partnerships be enough? the stock may be in for a pause here.
I think both stocks have a pause as they transition into the next phase of their strategy and the market remains skeptical.
Regardless, it'll be fun to watch!


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