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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Rally Hats are Working!

Toasty day all around. Nice to see, but many tech names are still way below last month's levels. I think we'll see a hard run from here. Still concerned about Clarke's affect on the election. Kerry will fundamentally alter implied cash flows to investors if he mucks with taxes significantly. That could have a hard hammer effect on the market. ALternatively, Kerry's lack of differentiation from Bush will likely lose him the election as conservatives and moderate conservatives will stick with the incumbent. So maybe as Kerry's threat falls, the market will rally some more.

Gas prices are still high which is a little worrisome. When do transpo stocks start taking it in uncomfortable places?

Pick o' the week: Apple still in a good position to run for $30. I think we'll see it when people realize that they are targeting the soho biz consumer with a superior product.


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